Manado is the capital of the North Sulawesi province of Indonesia and is located at the far north east of Sulawesi, surrounded by a mountainous area.

Sitting right in Sulawesi, the centre of the Coral triangle area, the marine life in Manado is so diverse that you can see over 70% of all the fish species that exist in the Indo-Western Pacific. Diving in the Bunaken Marine Park, you will get the witness the diving paradise that is Manado. Oceanic currents that sweep past Bunaken Island bring a steady supply of nutrients, not to mention that the island is near a volcanic area, rich in minerals. All these nutrients support the superb biodiversity of the area.

Interesting features or species you can find here include dugongs, sperm whales, a huge variety of corals, and some excellent wall diving. Also, there is muck diving available and the house reefs off the main island are treasure troves for macro life. Reef Sharks, turtles, eagle rays, frogfish, crocodile fish, mandarin fish, commensal shrimp, harlequinn shrimp, hairy squat lobsters, tuna… the list goes one. Whether you like the big stuff or the very small, Manado has dive sites for all divers.


Best Time To Dive

You can dive all year round in Manado if you are on a good condition of boats.
Dry season is from April to October when the wind blows from south-east and the sea stays relatively calm. Visibility is normally 25m and can sometimes get as good as 30m+ on some days. And the Wet season is from November to March with cooler winds from north-west which can bring heavier rains and rougher seas. Visibility is about 15-20m but can sometimes drop to 10m for a few days.

Dive Sites

Manado has such a wide range of dive sites that there is truly something here for everyone. Check out the spectacular wall dives Bunaken is famous or try your luck spotting pelagics Manado Tua, not to mention the excellent muck diving that characterizes the dive sites along the coastline of the mainland.

Manado Dive Site