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We never thought much about scuba diving before being introduced to the sport. What started out as a mere desire to try something new, grew into a passion and thirst for more. For all our instructors here at That Scuba Shop, the journey of diving has been nothing short of a dream come true. And now, we’d like to share these stories and experiences with you…

After coming together from different walks of life, and with a myriad of dive experiences, we are proud to start That Scuba Shop—a place where new memories and stories are shared and created. We conduct courses and certifications ranging from Open Water to Instructor. We also organise both leisure and liveonboard trips around the region.

So, if you are keen on beginning your journey to experiencing the serene underwater world and interacting with beautiful marine life, or if you yearn to breathe nitrogen for a weekend, please contact us at [email protected].

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PADI:  Professional Association of Diving Instructors

Welcome to the World of Scuba Diving.

PADI is the world’s leading scuba diving training organization.

There are a multitude of PADI scuba diving courses choose from. Whether you want to learn scuba, improve your skills or become a scuba instructor, you can do it via the PADI System of diver education.

PADI Divers carry the most respected and sought after scuba credentials in the world. No matter where you choose to dive, your PADI scuba certification card will be recognized and accepted. In fact, on most scuba diving adventures you’ll be surrounded by other PADI Divers who made the same certification choice you did – to train with the world’s largest and most respected scuba diving training organization.


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