That Scuba Shop MV Nautica’s Spooktacular Trip

Day 1 (25th Oct 2013)

Departing from TMFT at 8.15pm, we took a 45 minutes ferry ride before we reach Nongsa Jetty in Batam for customs clearing. Shortly after, we were on board MV Nautica. As we board MV Nautica, she is definitely not her usual self with skulls and skeletons laying around and the upper deck was covered with cobwebs!


As we are setting sail, we were given our boat and crew introduction by MV Nautica’s cruise director, Eszter! Shortly after, dinner is served and we had our equipment set up to be ready for our dives tomorrow.


Day 2 (26th Oct 2013)

Rise and shine! We woke up to a lovely sunrise from our windows from the room. It felt like a blissful morning, however our morning is not completed till we get wet!


Our halloween weekend schedule!


Dive 1
Laut Island, “No More Beer”

Our boat anchor at Laut Island where we will be diving on this particular dive site called “No More Beer”. This was apparently the dive site the previous group of divers on board MV Nautica named it during their exploration dive. And why? It was their last dive on Saturday, and they ran out of beer after!

Apart from the crazy dive site name, we did a checkout dive, manage to catch a glimpse of bamboo sharks, accompanied by more than just a handful of blue spotted stingrays and many soft corals! It was a good start to our diving weekend!


Upon surfacing, we had our rescue course divers in action, “HELP!, I am drowning, save me!”


Dive 2

Pompong for us is a drift dive, which sent us to our dive sites by just maintaining our neutral buoyancy and hovering! Shipwreck was spotted through our dives along with some huge Fan Corals and Nudibranches along the reef.


Our lunch was then served after the dive 2. After lunch, we got ready for our last dive of the day, which was our themed dive! We got our face painted, prepared our mask and got ready to go for our exploration dives on board MV Nautica, which we later named it Little Red Dot!

Dive 3
Little Red Dot


Our Advanced diver got the highest number of vites for the site name,Little Red Dot!

Our scary mask.



We had fun taking group shots at Little Red Dot, and not forgetting the marine life we saw!

Dive 4
Night Dive
“What The Crab”

We did our night dive at “What The Crab”, which you should have guessed by now, was also named by one of the weekend divers on board MV Nautica during their exploration dive. Living up to it’s name, the place was full of all types of crab. From all kinds of hermit crab to umbrella crabs and even shrimps!


We then kicked started our long awaited Halloween Party after the night dive with blood shot! With a toast to a good weekend with good dives, we started our games night.


Charades was our favourite, seeing everyone trying so hard to act the answer out!


We then had our “Scavenger Hunt” where everyone participated to hunt for answers that was posted to them.


It was a laughter filled night!

Here comes our game winners! Congrats.


Welcoming our big winner…


A dive shirt sponsored by Dive Junkie!

Day 3 (27th Oct 2013)

Dive 5
“Coral Aquarium”


Our last dive of the trip. Known as “Coral Aquarium”. This is our best exploration dive with beautiful coral reef and lots of marine life.


With that, we ended our Halloween weekend on board MV Nautica. We would like to congratulate again all Advance and Rescue students for the completion of our course and thank the leisure divers in joining us on this trip!



We left nothing but bubbles and took nothing but friendship! Till our next trip with MV Nautica!

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