That Scuba Shop

Welcome to That Scuba Shop Dive Centre, We offer Scuba Diving Courses from PADI, ranging from beginner to professional levels. As a PADI Dive Center, diving quality, service and dive safety are always ensured during scuba diving make some changes.

As a PADI Eco Dive Centre, we are always ready to share our passion and knowledge of the underwater world and teach you how to discover more during each dive!

Start Diving

Learn how to scuba dive for as low as S$590 (Singapore Diving) today!! Our weekly classes to popular destinations in West Malaysia such as Pulau Tioman and Pulau Bintan.

Already a Diver?

Not surprising, you are already a diver, considering scuba diving is rated the most popular activity world wide. Think of advancing your dive education? Explore our other courses for divers.

Dive Equipment

Our dive center retails scuba diving equipment of various major brands like Aropec, Halcyon, Gull, Mares, Scubapro, Suunto, zeagle, Gul, Eezycut and many more.